Rabit with mustard "Mostaard Wostyn"

Take away the fat from the rabit, cut it in pieces and fry it on all sides. Take it away from the fire and put a good lot of mustard on the pieces of meat. Put the pieces back in the pot and pour the Rodenbach or the red wine (pour along side of the pot). Add the cloves, laurel, raisins, pepper and salt. Leave it to stir until it is ready (it is even better to do this a day ahead). Before serving, thicken the sauce with the cream, let it cook a little. Serve with cooked potatoes and apple sauce.


  • one rabit
  • red wine or Rodenbach beer
  • 3 cloves
  • 2 leaves of laurel
  • a handful of raisins
  • 3 dl of cream
  • pepper and salt
  • mustard "Mostaard Wostyn"

Mostaard Wostyn is recognized as a regional product by the Vlam (Flemish Centre for Agricultural Marketing association) and carries the label region