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Mustard "Mostaard Wostyn"

When you taste our mustard for the first time, you will experience that it's not just a plain mustard: it's finely grinded, made out of selected dark Brassica Nigra mustard seeds, hence its extraordinary flavour-mustard taste.

"Mostaard Wostyn" mustard is made without colouring matters, preservatives or binders. It is gluten-free and lactose-free.

Tip: once opened, keep your mustard cool and dark. Stir before each use, so it stays sharp.

Average nutritional value

per 100g

Energetic value



5,00 g


7,40 g

      of which sugars
     0 g

Fat (vegetable)

4,00 g

Fat (saturated)

1,00 g


2,00 g

Beer "Den Ijzeren Arm"

The beer “Den Ijzeren Arm” is a four cereals tripel with a deposit of barley malt, wheat malt, oats and rye malt. This full-bodied tripel mainly has spicy flavours from Wostyn mustard seeds and fenugreek and a fine bitterness of the Challengerhop. In addition dryhopping with Styrian Goldings reinforces the spicy and floral aromas.

It is a beer of 9% alcohol with fermentation in the bottle.
The beer “Den Ijzeren Arm” is a creation by ‘t Brugs Bierinstituut.

Mustard pralines

For our 140th birthday, we asked Chocolaterie Denolf from Torhout to make pralines with mustard. The centre is a mixture of chocolate, cream and mustard "Mostaard Wostyn". The mustard pralines are made in milk and dark chocolate. A daring combination that has already surprised many people in a positive way.

Mustard gin

Mostaard Wostyn asked gin-distillery Leukenheide from Hechtel to make a gin based on mustard seeds. It is a pure corn gin, 40°vol, where the mustard seeds are mixed in the distillation from the beginning. Mustard gin was already made about 150 years ago. The company Leukenheide started in 1833 and is the oldest distillery by trade in Belgium.

Mostaard Wostyn is recognized as a regional product by the Vlam (Flemish Centre for Agricultural Marketing association) and carries the label region