How it started

In the heart of Torhout, at the square Conscienceplein 7, there is a delicious mustardshop, held open by the family Wostyn since five generations.

In 1869 Ivo-Jacob Wostyn began fabricating mustard in Torhout under the name Mostaard Wostyn. After his marriage, his brother Désiré Wostyn joined him in the business. At that time it was located in the street Gevangenisstraat (now Marketplace 25).

Around 1900 the production evolved through mechanisation. A Diesel engine was installed to drive the millstones.

When Désiré deceases, his sons Achiel and César continue the production. The store is moved to the square Conscienceplein 7, while the production was in het place next door, at the street Boeiaardstraat 1.

When Achiel dies, his sons Albert and Jozef take over the business. Mostaard Wostyn grows further and new millstones are installed.

Albert passes away in 1974 and in 1975 Jozef Wostyn desides to sell the business. The store moves to the street Boeiaardstraat 1.

On January 1st 1996 the business is back in the hands of the family Wostyn. Piet Wostyn, greatgrandson of the pioneer Ivo-Jacob Wostyn, takes up the stirrer.

Because of the big demand for their mustard, Piet desides to look out for a bigger location. The production moves to the street Oude Gentweg 63 while the mustard shop regaines its function in the parental home at the square Conscienceplein 7.

Up until today, Mostaard Wostyn is made by trade, still by the original recipe. Mostaard Wostyn is made of a selection of darkbrown mustard seeds, vinegar, water and salt. There are no conservatives, binders or colourings used.